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Educational Assessment

IN-HOME / Ages 5 to 15

An educational assessment provides a profile of your child's learning strengths. While the purpose of this assessment is not to label or diagnose, the results combine to create a profile of challenges and strengths that can become the basis for recommendations about reasonable and personalised adjustments to support a child's learning. Identification of dyslexic characteristics (including at-risk identification) can also be explored. Results might also help provide information to support the child's GP, paediatrician, or other allied professionals in diagnostic and treatment options. 

Included in an assessment:


  1. Interview with the parent or carer to discuss student and family background, educational and health history, including the details and results of any previous assessments e.g. psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology etc.

  2. All required testing sessions.

  3. A comprehensive report describing the assessments conducted, the results, and an explanation of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The report will also contain recommendations specific to the student’s profile.

  4. Feedback session to discuss and answer any questions.

In addition to a professional report, feedback and recommendations, every in-home educational assessment includes a copy of two parent resource kits (while stocks last) to help parents manage behaviour and support their child's emotional wellbeing. Click for more information.

Fee: $750

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Important Note: 

Obtaining a formal diagnosis of a learning disability is different to a learning strengths profile or academic assessment. If you are seeking a formal diagnosis or cognitive assessment for your child, I would advise you to seek out the help of a qualified educational and developmental psychologist. You can do this through the Find a Psychologist Portal via the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc or the Australian Psychological Society.

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