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L.E.A.R.N. Profile

ONLINE | Ages 6 to 11

Learning Evaluation for Adjustments & Responses to Needs

A Brain-based Approach to Understanding How a Child Learns

Supporting Parents, Teachers & Tutors to Support Children 


A brief assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses from a parent perspective can give hints about how your child learns and how teaching strategies can be adjusted to cater for individual learning strengths. The purpose of this online assessment is not to label or diagnose, but rather to use the results to develop a general understanding of how your child’s characteristics can inform how their learning can be supported. This assessment is conducted via parent questionnaire and the results can help provide you with general information about your child's personal strengths and weakness in areas of cognitive processing and give you a few strategies to help your child learn at home and school. The results can:


• provide a general picture of cognitive processing and thinking skills.

• be used to help parents, teachers & tutors support and design learning activities.

• provide parents and tutors with general strategies to support their child at home.

• provide general insight into strengths that underlie academic success and difficulties.

• help parents communicate their degree of concern to the child's school.

$50 Inclusive of online administration & report. 

Contact for further information. Video below for illustrative purposes only. Digital report provided via email.