L.E.A.R.N. Profile


In addition to his private work in counselling and assessment, Robbie is also employed by Education Queensland. As such, Robbie needs to make his clients aware of any possible conflict of interest when counselling or assessing students outside of the EQ environment. If you are happy to employ Robbie’s services in a private capacity, please initial below as an acknowledgement of the following statements:


“I understand that it is possible for my child to access counselling and/or assessment services free of charge through my child’s Education Queensland school, yet I choose to employ and pay Robbie for these services that he provides in a private capacity.”


“My child is not a student who is enrolled at a school in which Robbie currently works.”


“My knowledge of Robbie’s services and/or referral to Robbie was made known to me via private communication and is not connected to Robbie’s work within Education Queensland.” e.g. website, Google, personal friend, previous client.


“I understand that the L.E.A.R.N. Profile is not a comprehensive test that leads to a diagnosis of a learning disability or difficulty. The profile explores a few areas in which cognitive processes can be related to approaches to learning & teaching. I understand that if I wish to obtain a comprehensive assessment of a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, then I can seek the services of an educational & developmental psychologist. I can also consider further academic assessment with Robbie to help understand my child’s learning needs. 

Parent Acknowledgement


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