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Are you a parent looking for some advice about navigating educational issues? Want to know how to best to advocate for your child? A parent consultation can help you feel empowered with the right questions and reassured that you're on the right track in your efforts to advocate for your child.

There are times when parents are beginning a journey into seeking out support for their child. Sometimes parents have been able see difficulties emerging and at other times, difficulties seem to come out of nowhere. Speaking with parents about their concerns and helping them to come to decisions about the next step in support for their child is something I am very passionate about. If you would value some time to discuss your concerns, decision-making, and possible next steps, don't hesitate to book your consultation. Parent consultation and counselling is available via phone or online. Some scenarios where parents might book a consultation include:

- The school or child care centre has identified learning or behavioural difficulties and has suggested seeking help and you're just not sure what next step to take.

- You have a meeting scheduled with your child's school, doctor or therapist, and you'd like to be prepared with the right questions to ask.

- Your have received recent reports from your child's specialist such as a psychologist, speech pathologist, or occupational therapist and you'd like to get a sense about what the content of these reports mean for your child at home and at school.

Fee: $120 / 60 minute session

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