Personal Counselling


Trauma, crisis, grief, anxiety – when most of us think about “counselling”, these are the topics that first come to mind. But while a counsellor might be prepared to help in these areas, that’s not the only purpose they serve.


Counselling can improve your quality of life by helping you plan, achieve and process the experiences you view or feel. What many people don’t realise is that counselling isn't only there to support you through a mental health crisis. Counselling with a trained professional can support you in developing coping strategies and help you build confidence and gain more positive perspectives.  

Counselling can aim to guide you to develop different techniques and skills to strengthen your mental health and achieve personal goals. Counselling is a capacity-building and capacity-enhancing therapeutic service that can offer more than just emotional support.

Rather, counselling can seek to support and develop the ‘inner’ you so you’re able to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, mental health and wellness.

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