Pythiism: Reframing Autism

"An alternative form of consciousness distinguished as an oscillation of psychic energy between the unconscious and conscious mind informing one’s whole field of perception: cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual."

Last night I attended the launch of a new book by author and psychotherapist, Rachael Lee Harris. Rachael presented an overview of her new book "Pythiism: Reframing Autism as an Alternative Form of Consciousness". According to Rachael, Pythiism "asserts that autism is based, not in the brain, but in the psyche: where mind interferes with matter - a seismic shift in focus from empirical to intuitive observation." In attendance was Professor Tony Attwood who praised Rachael's work as an important new perspective. As I was listening to Rachael's presentation, I found myself connecting the dots and linking Rachael's revolutionary ideas to areas within my own therapeutic practice - sandplay therapy, expressive therapies, teaching and learning. I started to wonder if Rachael had uncovered a new framework that paints a picture of the experience of the person on the autism spectrum when they undertake the deep unconscious work within the sand tray. I also wondered if there might be new considerations for how educators provide the right environment or therapeutic space to support an individual's cognitive experience. Before I go further, I must devour what's left of Rachael's new book. I'm sure I'll have much more to say! If you are interested to learn more, go to . Rachael is also the author and creator of Reflection Integration Therapy (RIT) - a therapeutic approach to support adult clients and children on the autism spectrum .