Do you need some help or advice ...


... to reassure and calm your frustrated child?

... to communicate with your child?

.. to encourage your child to share with you, communicate his or her feelings or needs?

... to help your child problem-solve a difficult situation?

... about what language or scripts to use to help your child process or manage their emotions?

“Even in the midst of a complete emotional meltdown, sometimes the only thing a child wants is for his feelings to be acknowledged”. For Jake, his meltdown stems from the difficulties he is experiencing as he tries to tackle his reading homework. From a global perspective, A Story About Jake highlights the significance of a child having calm and understanding support when not coping with the challenges of living in a world where there is an expectation to perform to standardised levels of achievement. While Jake is having difficulty with his reading task, Jake’s story prompts us to consider that whenever someone we love is having difficulty that sends them into meltdown, the first step towards resolution is connection and acknowledgment of feelings.


While the focus of A story about Jake is supporting a child who sees the printed word through a lens clouded of Dyslexia, there is also scope for using this story of the power of acknowledgment as a resource in many and varied situations. Scenarios where A story about Jake would prove to be a most useful resource are when supporting the emotional well-being of children who may be prone to the occasional meltdown or when supporting children who might be confronted by the experience of trying to deal with and manage learning difficulties.


A story about Jake is designed as a practical resource package for parents, counsellors, psychologists, school chaplains, guidance counsellors and other professionals who work with children in a supporting role. The package comprises a fully illustrated text, complete with a colouring-in reproduction of the illustrations, talk cards, confidence cards and a journal page ... a great resource with so many applications.

Reviewed in Counselling Australia Journal by

Dr Judith R Boyland PhD

Clinical Counsellor & Professional Supervisor